Meet our Students

Sofia Abdo

Sofia Abdo, BS Business Administration '19

"I think one of the most important challenges we face, and one that I would most like to solve, is the one of providing all Americans with food that is grown organically and sustainably, which is also affordable and accessible." Read more about Sofia

Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell, BA Communications '17

"I would love to solve the current misunderstanding our country has about being accountable for our buying options and choices of ingredients being used in products such as make-up, soaps, and clothing."  Read more about Anna

Annabelle Fernandez NC State University MA graduate

Annabelle Fernandez, MA Liberal Studies '17

"I believe it is vital to figure out ways to live with and amongst each other on a local and global level without exhausting the world’s natural resources (environmental, energy), to find the best approaches to care for the human community and the animal population (global population, sustainable business, climate change), and to be kind to one another."  Read more about Annabelle

Hugh Fisher

Hugh Fisher, MBA

"As a marketing strategist, I’d like to help companies communicate their CSR efforts and their sustainability strategies in clear, coherent ways that are a natural fit for the business – rather than having it seem like an afterthought."  Read more about Hugh

Graham Givens

Graham Givens, MBA '17

"My dream career is to work in the distribution of local and/or sustainable food. Sustainability is a core component of this work as I would be supporting agriculture practices that protect our environment and provide farmers with a means to be financially sustainable."  Read more about Graham

Adam Harris NC State University MBA student

Adam Harris, MBA '18

"I would love to continue working on answering the question of how business and sustainability practices can align and work synergistically to offer up long-term solutions to our society's problems."  Read more about Adam

Rejaul Hasan

Rejaul Hasan, PhD College of Textiles '18

"Integration of sustainability in business practice can not only promote peace and prosperity in a society but also can ensure a long term business profitability and how it is important for our existence in earth."  Read more about Rejaul

Anne Leuthold NC State University BS

Anne Leuthold, BS

"I want to work for a company or organization in my profession that manages its business successfully but not just by the means of finance."  Read more about Anne

Rudhawarsh Loganathan NC State University MBA graduate

Rudhawarsh Loganathan, MBA '17

"I am interested in solving green supply chain challenge. I am specifically interested in making sourcing and logistics decisions based on sustainability factors such as social condition, environmental condition, packaging, transportation, operations, and waste management."  Read more about Rudhawarsh

Kaley Moffitt NC State University BS

Kaley Moffitt, BS '17

"I believe that I could could make sustainability a part of my personal day-to-day work not only through actions such as recycling and saving energy but also through informing others and advocating such topics in the work force."  Read more about Kaley

Shannon O'Shea NC State University graduate

Shannon O'Shea, MBA '17

"Some may consider poverty and injustice to be policy problems, but to me they are business problems. Businesses employ and serve people, and the business sector drives the economy and dictates the majority of policy."  Read more about Shannon

Eric Schwartz NC State University

Eric Schwartz, BS '18

"The biggest sustainability challenge I would like to solve is making all energy renewable and rely less on oil and coal."  Read more about Eric

Iman Usmani

Iman Usmani, BS Statistics '19

"I want to work at a business in the future that has a specific focus on how they are impacting the environment because the impact that big corporations have on the earth cannot continue to be ignored for the sake of profits."  Read more about Iman



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